PowerPoint Presentations — Rotating Graphical Objects to Ninety Degrees

If you have inserted graphical objects, such as WordArt, shapes or pictures into your PowerPoint presentation, this tutorial will be very useful for you, as you will learn how to rotate inserted graphical objects to ninety degrees.

Rotate WordArt, Shapes, Text Boxes To The exact Angle By Degrees

This tutorial will help you manage your graphical content and make it fit perfectly to your PowerPoint slides.

SharePoint Online – Share Your Documents And Sites With Third Party Users

Sometimes, working in a big international organization you have to perform a certain kind of work which will involve collaborating with various customers, vendors, and clients. This will definitely involve sharing your site and documents. In such a case, you will have to use features for external sharing. SharePoint Online has great features for sharing your documents and site with people outside your organization. Sharing is possible even for people who do not have subscriptions for Microsoft Office 365.

SharePoint Online – Revoking User’s Access To Your Site

Let’s imagine a common situation when you shared your site with any external user. Now, you want to revoke the access to this user to your site. The best way to do this is to remove the site permission of this individual.

PowerPoint Sharing Options – Check Who Has Access To Your Documents

In this tutorial you will learn an easy technique how to check who has the access to your specific documents and files. You will need to use the command which is called “Share”. Using this command you will get access to a full list of people who have access to your specific documents or files.

PowerPoint For Mac – Format Videos In Your Presentation

You have added a video content to PowerPoint presentation successfully. All basic effects have been chosen. Now, it is time to choose the way your video is going to be played.

PowerPoint For Mac – Insert Videos From Your Personal Computer

This tutorial will give you a very useful information on ow to add various videos to your PowerPoint presentation which you create on Mac computers. It is possible to link or embed any kind of videos from your personal Mac computer into PowerPoint presentation. It goes without saying all embedded videos are very convenient. The only negative side the have is that such videos are stored in your PowerPoint presentation. This makes the size of your PowerPoint presentation too large. If the size of your presentation have to be as small as possible, you should consider linked videos. They will not affect the size of your PowerPoint presentation, but they may break. In order not to have problems with linked videos you should move the file and video itself together. In order not to have problems with linked video content, you have to copy your video into the same folder where you keep your PowerPoint presentation.