G Suite – Top Ways To Use This Effective Tool

All your endless paperwork can be cut down once you shift administrative onboard process online. We can use Google Forms for making various forms in electronic format for gathering the information about all the new employees. Also, Google Forms is very efficient for gathering policy acknowledgement signatures in just a minute. It is very easy to update Google Forms. You can access them from any computer device or computer.

Google Drive – Organizing And Searching Files

Once you have stored all your files into the folder Google Drive, it is important to keep them well-organized. In this article you will learn how to create new folders for your files and how to move them to these newly created folders.

Google Drive – Restoring Removed Files

Have you deleted some files in your Google Drive folder, but suddenly changed your mind? Don’t panic! It is possible to restore all deleted files which have been recently deleted from the folder Google Drive on your computer or on the web.

Google Drive – Deleting Your Stored Files

Every time when you decide to remove your stored files in Google Drive, you should know that this file will be deleted from Google Drive on the web, your desktop computer or any other device you use, such as a smartphone or tablet. You should also know that all deleted files from the folder Google Drive are sent to Trash folder in Google Drive. They are taken to count towards your general Google Drive storage. The only way to delete them permanently is to go to Google Drive web and remove from there.

Google Drive – Opening And Updating Your Stored Files

In this article, you are going to learn how to open all your stored files correctly.

Google Drive – Previewing And Downloading Your Stored Files

In this article you, you will learn how how download all your stored files and preview them. If you want to preview your stored files on the web you should do the following. In order to check quickly all your personal files on Google Drive you will need to right click and choose the option “Preview”.

Google Drive – Accessing Your Personal Files In Offline Mode

Do you know that all your files which have been successfully synced in Google Drive can be easily accessed in the offline mode. In order to do this you will need just you Chrome web browser. As you can see, long plane flights or outages on the internet will not prevent you from your work on Google Drive.