Google Sites – Inserting Google Drive Files, Gadgets, Maps And Calendars

When you work in rive files, applications, gadgets, maps and even calendars on your own page. Putting your content directly from Google applications on the page. It can be anything from the following list: YouTube videos, Calendars, Google Drive files, Google Plus photos and files, Google Sheets, Maps and Calendars. Do not forget to check the sharing for your files. It has to be turned on or at least marked as “Public”.

Google Embed Files

It is very easy to create a Google presentation, spreadsheet, form or document, which will be available for viewing on various websites. The only thing you will have to do is to embed your Google files in your blog or website.

Control Your Published Google Files

Many users publish their Google files for the publicity. However, do you control them after publishing? In this article, you will learn how to stop publishing of Google file, we will see how all our published files look after sharing with our target audience and will check who can publish our Google files.

Publishing Google Slides, Sheets, Forms And Docs

Would you like to make your Google presentation/spreadsheet/document available for a big audience? In such a case, you will have to publish your Google file. Once your file has been successfully published you will get URL which can be sent to the members of your target audience.

Efficient Correspondence in Google

If you use Google and particularly Gmail, you might have heard about auto email forwarding. This option is very convenient when you want to forward a single email or all emails to another Gmail account. Google provides such options. So, you can copy your Gail in the inbox folder, you can archive your Gmail copy or delete it completely. In case, you are not going to forward all emails, then you will need to make a special filter and forward just needed emails. In order to get the access to this option you will need t go to “Settings” and then “Forwarding and OP/IMAP”.

Gmail Features – Discover How Emailing is Efficient

Gmail has a lot of great features. Now, sending emails to our friends and business partners is so efficient and fun. A lot of advanced features of Gmail has been recently introduced. It is very easy to manage many email per day. This process has become simple as it has never been before. Every day, this emailing tool helps million of users manage their correspondence in a convenient and very efficient way.

Microsoft Office 2013 – Disabling Start Screen

Many people use MS Office Start Screen, but sometimes it can be quite annoying. It is not the best idea to use Start Screen when you have to perform a quick assignment. In fact, using Start Screen you will have to do an extra action. If it is possible to avoid it, you should avoid it.